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My portfolio features content I’ve written as a guest author, contributing author, blogger, and non-published samples.

Visit the links below to view content with my byline and non-published samples. The non-published works are denoted. View my full resume in PDF form for details about my ghostwriting experience.

For easy navigation, content is divided into niches. Product reviews for all niches are in an individual section below.

Personal Finance

Topics I’ve covered include budgeting, credit cards, credit scores, debt, building savings, reducing spending, making money online, supplemental income (side gigs, etc.), and more.

Business & Marketing

Topics I’ve covered include freelancing, SEO, digital marketing, working from home, productivity tools, and more.

Product Reviews & Product Descriptions

(Content includes short overviews, product comparisons, long-form reviews, and more.)


Topics I’ve covered include haircare, skincare, product comparisons (makeup brushes, styling tools, etc.), ‘budget beauty’ topics, and more.


Topics I’ve covered include women’s reproductive health, drug addiction treatment, dental care, and more.


Topics I’ve covered include personal injury, divorce, real estate, disability income, worker’s compensation, and more.

Family & Parenting

Do-It-Yourself (DIY)

Pet Care